Science meets Economy at IFAT India

International DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar

“Science meets Economy –Water and Waste Water Management” in combination with the International Trade Fair IFAT India


20th to 27th of October 2013 Mumbai, India


With the support of DAAD, the Alumni Expert Seminar “Science meets Economy – Water and Waste Water Management” took place at Mumbai, India.

The Expert Seminar was organised by the Centre for International Capacity Development, Universität Siegen in cooperation with Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe - Institute for Sanitary Engineering, TU Dresden - Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay - Department of Civil Engineering, Mumbai, the Bangalore University, Civil Engineering Department, the PDP University Gandhinagar- Department of Civil Engineering, and the German Association for Water management, Waste water and Waste (DWA).

Alumni Experts met from 20th October to 27th of October 2013. The seminar was conducted at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) in Mumbai for three days. Presentations of Alumni and German focused on water management, waste water and flood risk management as well as groundwater management. The cooperation of business sector with universities and public private partnerships has been discussed in detail.

Thereafter participants had the chance to visit the international trade fair IFAT India for another three days. A common presentation of the seminar GAWN at the fair was organised. The participants presented a<media 1116 - - "TEXT, GAWN Resolution IFAT India 2013, GAWN_Resolution_IFAT_India_2013.pdf, 221 KB"> common resolution</media> for an improved cooperation of the business sector and the science sector in the Southern Asean Region at a side event at the fair with relevance to German-Indian Cooperation. Guided tours at the fair were organised by the Germany Water Partnership (GWP). The DAAD organised a get together of GIZ, business representatives, the organzers of IFAT India Messe München, and the Alumni to improve networking.

All in all it has been a very successful event! A participant expressed: "We have improved & updated our knowledge and ideas about Water and Waste Water Management by sharing exchange-views among ourselves. I think the resolution will create an opportunity for knowledge sharing & networking among us to resolve the water related issues/problems in South and South east Asia."

<media 1117 - - "TEXT, Programme IFAT India 2013, Programme_IFAT_India_2013.pdf, 554 KB">Download the programme here</media>

<media 1116 - - "TEXT, GAWN Resolution IFAT India 2013, GAWN_Resolution_IFAT_India_2013.pdf, 221 KB">Download the resolution here</media>