International DAAD-Alumni Summer School “Abfall und Wasserwirtschaft” IFAT 2010

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provided financial means to organize one International DAAD Alumni Summer School linked with the Trade Fair IFAT 2010. The DAAD Alumni Summer School “Abfall und Wasserwirtschaft” was organized by Universtät Siegen (Germany), from 5th to 12th September, 2010.

After the Seminar at Siegen, participants travelled to Munich to participate in a program organized by DAAD in co-operation with the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA). A visit to the world largest international trade fair “IFAT” (on Water, Wastewater and Recycling) was part of the program.

The entire Summer School was scheduled from 5th to 18th September 2010

The Topics:
The main topic of the Summer School in Siegen was “Abfall und Wasserwirtschaft”. Papers of participants and invited guests, as well as group discussion covered the following subtopics:

-   Integrated management of resources
-   Wastewater treatment/ materials cycle
-   Waste management
-   Laws related to water and waste management

The summer school program included:
-   Papers and case studies presented by the participants
    (Alumni) and invited external experts
-   Group work and group discussions
-   Preparing for the international trade fair “IFAT”
-   Excursion