DAAD Alumni Seminar „Access to Water – Watershed Management Planning“

On behalf of the Alumni Program, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) , the Centre for International Capacity Development at University of Siegen is organizing the International DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar

“Access to Water – Watershed Management Planning”

West Usambara Mountains, Tanzania, 16. September to 27. September 2019

Application deadline: 16. June 2019

Universität Siegen organizes this applied research seminar in cooperation with the University of Dar es Salaam – Department of Water Resources Engineering; the UDSM Geography and Environmental Management Alumni Association; Fachhochschule Bielefeld – Campus Minden; Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - Urban water management; Weltweit - Gesellschaft zur Förderung lokaler Initiativen e.V., Bad Soden; and Water User Association – Rangwi – Lushoto District.



This applied research seminar is the first out of a series of two, which are implemented in West Usambara Mountains, Tanzania.

In September 2019, 20 Alumni Seminar participants and about 15 local stakeholders will meet for 10 days. After an introduction to the area the concepts of Integrated Watershed Management and participatory planning are explained. Alumni will present on similar projects out of their region, report on their experiences on ways on how to find solutions under different framework conditions.

A set of tools for the upcoming field work for the situation analysis will be defined. During field work, participants will separate into groups to allow interaction with villagers in the project area under different aspects.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the availability of water and to improve the access to water by concise watershed management planning. It is expected to strengthen the resilience of inhabitants of rural areas towards climate change and sustainability of water usage by supporting knowledge exchange among key professional stakeholders and institutions in Eastern Africa. The seminar shall contribute to find sustainable ways in managing the available water sources and to advice on appropriate technological solutions to improve the access to water in the study area.


Specific outcomes of the project are:

  • To enhance competences of Alumni in water security in relation to challenges derived by climate change and increasing population pressure. Appropriate technologies and practices are discussed and further developed towards the challenging change in climate conditions in Eastern Tanzania.
  • To strengthen the Eastern African DAAD Alumni network, by encouraging Alumni to engage in the German Alumni Water Network GAWN on a regional and national level. The engagement of Alumni for their own region shall be fostered and taken as an example of best practice. At network of participating Alumni and local stakeholders is strengthened and capacitated to allow an increased water availability in the study area.
  • To enable participating Alumni from East Africa to transfer gained knowledge and experiences to their affiliated institutions and thus enhance capacity of the institution and allow for more regional cooperation in the East African water sector.



Eligible for participation are German alumni from Eastern African countries. A stay in Germany of at least 3 months for study, work or scientific research has to be proven. In-country scholarship holders are also accepted, once the scholarship is successfully finalized.

Application deadline: The application deadline has passed on 16. June 2019