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The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste DWA


The DWA has resolved to promote the water and waste management and to bring together the specialists working in this field.
The approximately 14,000 members represent specialists and executives from municipalities, universities, engineering offices, authorities and companies.
Main activities are preparing and updating the DWA Set of Rules and engaging in national and international cooperation to draft special standards. This work does not only refer to technical and scientific issues, but also to the economic and legal aspects of environmental and water protection.

International activities of DWA include

  • Exchange of experts in the International Forum
  • International delegations from abroad/cooperation workshops
  • Seminars in English for participants from abroad
  • DWA committees and specialist cooperation
  • Young Scientists’ and Professionals’ Programme for the promotion of the young international engineering talent
  • Compact programme for young DWA members with ambitions for international careers
  • Worldwide specialist advice with the build-up of national water associations
  • Engagement in international associations and institutions
  • Translations of the DWA Set of Rules and Standards
  • Support of universities
  • Contact with the DWA “International Collaboration“ team

DWA enlarges the competence in the “capacity development“ field by vocational trainings and support of governmental and non-governmental organisations. There were and are different long-term engagements, especially with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).