Alumni Expert Seminar in combination with the International Trade Fair IFAT Africa 2017

International DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar “Efficient Water Use – Waste and Waste Water Management”, 05th to 11th of September 2017

in combination with the International Trade Fair IFAT Africa, 12th to 14th of September 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa

Deadline for application: May 30, 2017


The Expert Seminar is scheduled from 05th September (day of arrival) to 15th of September 2017 (day of departure). The seminar will be conducted at Pretoria, thereafter participants will visit the international trade fair IFAT Africa at Johannesburg Expo Centre, one of Africa’s largest conference and exhibition venues in South Africa..

The Expert Seminar is organised by University of Siegen in cooperation with the German Association for Water management, Waste water and Waste (DWA).


The seminar will reflect the topics of the trade fair: “Water Sewage, Refuse and Recycling” with the objectives: 

  • to increase sensitisation for the sustainable use and management of the resource water
  • to improve networking of the local actors, and
  • to exchange experience and strategies available in the region regarding the efficient use of water and water distribution systems, waste water collection and waste water treatment, and technologies to measure and control water pollution including laboratory techniques,

In preparation of IFAT Africa, existing contacts between educational institutes, authorities and the business sector in South Africa will be demonstrated. Concepts shall be developed to improve cooperation on national as well as on international level on the African continent.


Eligible for participation are German University Alumni from African developing countries (DAC countries). A stay in Germany of at least 3 months for study, work or scientific research purposes has to be proven.

Candidates preferably are:

  • Working in the field of water, water and waste water management or similar disciplines.
  • Acting as multipliers, e.g. people who are decision makers or people who are in a position to disseminate the acquired knowledge.
  • Postgraduate level.



Deadline for application has passed already on May 30, 2017

For questions, please contact

Ruger Winnegge

CICD Centre for International Capacity Development
Universität Siegen
Hölderlinstr. 3
D-57072 Siegen