ALUMNI EXPERT SEMINAR: Diversification of Water Sources and Production Systems towards Climate Smart Agriculture

On behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) the Centre for International Capacity Developmentat University of Siegen is organizing the International DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar

“Diversification of Water Sources and Production Systems towards Climate Smart Agriculture, Sudan”, 15th to 26th of July 2018

The Expert Seminar is scheduled from 15th July (day of arrival) to 26th of July 2017 (day of departure). The Expert Seminar is organised by the Universität Siegen in cooperation with the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) at Technische Hochschule Köln, cewas - International Centre for Water Management Services, University of Kordofan - Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Khartoum - Water Research Center, and Institute of Environmental Studies and UNESCO - Regional Center for Capacity Development and Research in Water Harvesting. 


This applied research seminar is the first out of a series of two, which will be implemented in different locations of the Nile Basin in central Sudan (Khartoum, White Nile, North Kordofan, Gezira, Gedaref) in 2018 and 2019. The consequence of two seminars will allow the analysis of two different types of vulnerable farming systems in Sudan, both located close to each other in the Nile Basin, namely traditional rainfed system and traditional irrigation system in its capacity to become climate smart.
While the overarching themes of the seminars are water and food security related to appropriate Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies and practices in the context of the chosen case studies, the seminars will also tackle related and interlinked topics of effectiveness of institutional policies and organizations, socioeconomic questions, and the regional context of watershed management and transboundary water management in the Nile Basin.


The overall goal of the seminar is to contribute to the resilience of agriculture towards climate change and sustainability of water and soil usage by supporting knowledge exchange among key professional stakeholders and institutions in Eastern Africa.

Case studies in Sudan are chosen due to pressing natural and socioeconomic challenges and the fact that the country is rarely benefiting from external support programmes and international knowledge exchange due to the political situation. Specific objectives of the seminars are:

  • To enhance competences of Alumni in the field of water and food security in relation to challenges derived by climate change. Appropriate climate smart agriculture technologies and practices are discussed and further developed towards the challenging conditions of the Sahelian Zone to secure stable and sustainable access to food and water, a precondition for development and peace in the region.  
  • To strengthen the Eastern African DAAD Alumni network, by encouraging Alumni to engage in the German Alumni Water Network GAWN on a regional and national level. While most research and development activities are commonly taking place in neighbouring countries, the Sudanese Alumni network will be particularly strengthened and benefiting from international collaborating opportunities.
  • To enable participating Alumni from the Nile River Basin to transfer gained knowledge and experiences to their affiliated institutions and thus enhance capacity of the institution and allow for more regional cooperation in the East African water and agricultural sector.


Profile of Participants

Eligible for participation are persons, who meet the following requirements:
German Alumni from East and Northeast African countries, working in the field of water management, irrigation, agriculture or similar disciplines, and acting as multipliers, e.g. people who are decision makers or people who are in a position to disseminate the acquired knowledge.

Application deadline has passed on February 28, 2018.